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Interviewer: Why write books?

JRL: "I have always found joy in writing. There is something about the stringing together of words that just continually sparks a flame."

Interviewer: Everyone talks about the power of words, thoughts?

JRL: "Yes, words are so impactful! A source of inspiration, celebration, stagnation, or degradation that moves in, through, and between people, events, time, and so much more. We often assign so much of our emotions, reactions and inactions based on words. So, in a sense, they can tell us what to do and how to be while we are doing it, pun intended."​

Interviewer: You're more than just an author, let's dig in.

JRL: "We are many things to our families and friends, to our professional careers.

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Not often do we allow ourselves to be and express the many things we are that are not captured in the titles, roles, and responsibilities of daily life...the things that we are and have deeply rooted within us that usually surface when we spend time with self alone, minus the assigned/accepted role."

Interviewer: That's a lot to unpack, coffee or sweet tea?

JRL: Unsweetened tea (big smile).



Words In Sequence

A Compilation of Poetry

Published Sep 22 2021

Available at


Barnes and Nobles

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Sep 22 2021 Book Release Private Dinner

Sep 28 2021 6pm vIRTUAL aUTHOR iNTERVIEW

Oct 30 2021 12pm Book Signing at Serenity Cafe

Dec 11 2021 Featured speaker "Inspire" Brunch, Hy-Vee Arena

Dec 26 2021 - Jan 6 2022 virtual 12 Days of Giving and Sharing

Jun 3 2022 Women of Color UMKC Leadership Conference VENDOR

Aug 27 2022 Book Fair, Bliss Books

Sep 25 2022 The Author's Brunch

Oct 13 2022 Meet and Greet at Afterwood Talvern & Shelves





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